PR, Brand & Marketing Events

Do you have a product you want to launch? We offer a bespoke way to get your brand out into the marketplace. The perfect way to showcase your new products in the winter.

Our giant snow globes already attract the masses and with great design and placement, your product can really stand out and be a number one selling item! We worked with the UK’s most popular Youtube star ‘Zoella’ and reached millions with our stunning giant snow globe as a centrepiece.

More recently Irn-Bru did a PR stunt in the centre of Glasgow, a few thousand bottles of Christmas spiced Irn-Bru and a few drag queens, let’s just say we took over Glasgow for the day. We provide a full bespoke artwork service to ensure your snow globe hire really stands out.

Please see our photos section and also our case studies on these events.

We certainly know whatever your event or product, we can make our snow globes a feature.


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