Irn Bru Case Study

The Aim:

A high profile PR stunt to expose Irn Bru’s Christmas plans releasing a Christmas flavoured drink. Fully branded snow globe, Glasgow city centre.

Developing the Strategy:

The strategy of this project was to get maximum exposure of the Christmas spiced drink soon to be released for the 2019 Christmas period. This was done with our biggest giant snow globe, fully branded and three fantastic drag queens for good measure, simply eye catching!

What Irn Bru said:

“The Snow Globe looks amazing and is perfect for what we are trying to achieve. We tried to find something that would compliment our branding and make the advertisement of our new drink stand out and the Snow Globe has certainly ticked every box. All passers-by have been attracted to see what is going on. The bespoke backdrop and skirt is the icing on the cake. Ben has been very responsive and friendly since our first enquiry. There were many emails back and forth about different requirements we had and nothing was too much trouble. Thank you for making our product launch a success and so much fun!”


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